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Essential of Trenchless Lecture Series Theme Note

Trenchless Essentials
A lecture series for Trenchless Practitioners


‘Trenchless essentials’ is a lecture series developed for providing the basic knowledge of essential topics helpful in a trenchless project’s successful design and execution. Working experience backed with the knowledge acquired through these lectures shall assist the practicing Trenchless Professionals in becoming self reliant in the selected sphere of technology application. This series will also provide the much required technical inputs to the new entrants and other engineering fraternity members interested in various issues related to Trenchless Project Execution.

Series Overview

The series comprises of 45 different lectures on various topics of Trenchless Engineering as mention below. Lecture contents are developed through extensive research of technical books, documents, research reports, and other relevant sources, and evaluated on sound engineering practices. Upon conclusion of this series the next essential series covering advancements in the current topics and newer topics shall be conducted. Details about the individual lecture are provided later in this section. The series is designed for working professionals and is scheduled on a weekly basis.

HDD project design 2. Tracking and surveying basics for HDD
3. Basics of drilling fluids Part- I 4. Uniform Sewer Condition Classification System
5. Geotechnical investigations 6. Geotechnical Investigation methods & procedures
7. Selection of technology for Sewer Rehabilitation and Replacement 8. Stress analysis for steel product pipe in HDD
9. Subsurface Utility Engineering 10. Grouting, Theory & Technology
11 Pipeline Condition Assessment 12. Stress analysis for plastic product pipe in HDD
13. Fiber glass pipe design 14. Retrieval of Stuck pipe in HDD
15. Basics of drilling fluids Part- II 16. Grouting operations
17. Downhole Tools for HDD 18. Grouting to shut off seapage & Grout curtain
19. Drilling Operator Qualifications 20. Basic formulas & calculation for drilling
21. Maintaining Borehole stability 22. HDD Contract Conditions
23. Reinforced Concrete Pipe Design 24. Basics of Drillstring
25. Basics of CIPP Technique 26. Excavation safety
27. Managing Drilling Operations 28. Grouting in shafts & tunnels for strength
29. Failures in plastic pipes 30. Safety at street works
31. Rehabilitation through Lining of Pipes 32. Basics of Pipe Bursting Technique
33. Specifications supervision and inspection of grouting 34. Subsurface Asset Management Methods
35. Drilling fluid Formula & calculation 36. Confined Space Working
37. Stresses around boreholes & borehole Failure criteria 38. Water in surface & subsurface
39. Stability during drilling in rocky strata 40. Basics of slip lining
41. Managing rehabilitation and renewal work sites 42. Dispute resolution and trenchless contracts
43. Moling and Pipe Ramming 44. Basics of Auger Boring and Pipe Jacking
45. Shafts construction for Trenchless Technology applications    

Lecture Details

Lecture shall be delivered through Power Point presentation and shall have the accompanying technical discussions with lecture notes. Duration of each lecture is of 3 hours comprising of lecture and skill evaluation test. Upon successful completion the participant shall receive course diploma.

Participant Details

Depending upon the application and usage Lecture Series is focused at members of Trenchless operations teams, Trenchless Managers, Senior Project Engineers, Trenchless Consultants, Trenchless Supervisors, Equipment Superintendents, Drillers and Assistant Drillers, Engineering College or any Person that intends to make Trenchless their career.

Participation Details

Participation in the series is on an individual lecture basis. The maximum candidate strength for each course is 30 to be allotted on a first-come-first-served basis. Participation fee for IndSTT members shall be Rs 500 and for non-members it will be 2000/= per lecture. Individual members can participate themselves and corporate members can nominate a maximum of 5 participants per lecture. All other participants shall be grouped as non-members.

Lectures Conducted

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